Hey Viv! Vintage Dress Featured on WhatIWore Blog! :D

A little while ago, I received a very sweet message from Jessica Schroeder, the writer of the colorful fashion blog What I Wore asking if she could feature one of my favorite dresses I had featured on my Etsy store. I sent the dress out and was promptly contacted within a few days that the blog/fashion shoot was already up! (I don’t know if you can tell, but I am really excited, haha :] )
Here it is!

What I Wore: Technicolor

Can you believe this dress if from the late 50s/early 60s? The colors are so amazing and bright— I am totally smitten. This is sort of the sassy housewife look, more maybe even the single gal? Running around town, forcing attention to her technicolor brights. It felt really good wearing this dress. Its a new favorite. I could even do the green rainboots if I needed to!! Instead I opted from caramel brown accessories and some wacky bracelets that I never thought I’d wear again. Lucky me!

The dress is from Hey Viv! Vintage. She has repro 50s style clothing (think poodle skirts and crinolines!)+ vintage and an etsy store with only super awesome vintage and really really great prices. Definitely a place I’ll be haunting. Let her know Jessica sent you!!

What I Wore began in 2008 as a side project in the global fashion pool wardrobe_remix. Jessica strives to show in each blog entry, the inspiration behind each outfit, and the circumstances to how she dresses herself each day, while also giving short and concise writeups of each shop the featured item is from. She has studied under Betsy Johnson and worked for the costume department of the School of Music. Her blog shows colorful and trendy fashions that have a level of fun, functionality, and glamour.

Thanks Jessica!!!


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