Flaunting my love of hats for a moment.

I love hats! This is a great one I’m selling in my Hey Viv! store. It actually has a print of cactuses on it. Amazing. I have always been infatuated with hats from a very young age, perhaps the earliest display of my hat love was when my mom let me pick out whatever I wanted from a well known store at the time ( Anyone remember ” Robert Hall ? ” haha ). My choice? A long tan coat and matching hat. I thought it was the coolest concept in the world.

Sometimes people feel cautious about buying vintage hats because they sometimes need a little upkeep, or extra care. Flowers get smooshed or the hat becomes misshapen from storage. But it’s realy easy! Here is an article I wrote on basic vintage hat care.

imagine this hat falling in the mud? D:

Happy shopping!
~ Hey Viv !


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