Plunging into the World of Etsy

There it is! My old store Hey Viv! I was in business at this location in Staten Island, New York for fourteen years, when I decided to “go online” to have more time with my family at home. Closing the store was hard because I had so much fun running it. I have long tried to support the local art scene and would often have local artwork from Staten Islanders hanging in the windows along side glamorous vintage party dresses, unique aprons, and authentic Hawaiian shirts . I have found that the best businesses are personal, colorful, and unique, rather than faceless corporations.

Changing from being a brick and morter store, to an online business isn’t – believe it or not – any less concrete [ don’t mind the pun ] . I spend most of my time working on the store, taking and uploading pictures and hunting for the best vintage clothing I can find (when I am not doing that, I am trying to figure out how to organize what seems like infinite boxes of vintage in a real-life version of Tetris).
Because I value personal customer care, and independant business so much, I have recently plunged into the world of Etsy. This time, I tried to focus on displaying the clothing with more of an element of fantasy. Etsy is great for selling and buying vintage clothes, because the format allows you to easily show a lot of detail about each outfit, almost celebrating each one. The more detail you can cleanly provide, the more likely the customer will be happy in the end, because the product is exactly what they expected.
Another great thing about Etsy, is it’s wonderful community of talented artists and collectors. Everyone works together in a way– any time I have have a question about how to make my shop better, or how to fix a problem, I just consult one of the many forums and someone is right there, happy to help out. Thanks Etsy people!
So to close this, I’d like to post a picture of one of my favorite dresses at the moment:

EDIT: This dress is now SOLD, but you can view more vintage 50s dresses on my site by clicking this link.
It’s a medium size, red plaid 1950’s dress ($42.99). I thought it looks so authentic, like it could be from a Doris Day movie.
Hey Viv!

5 thoughts on “Plunging into the World of Etsy

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Etsy! I wish you success and tons of sales! 🙂 I saw your shop and your dresses are really cute! Thank you for visiting my blog too! 🙂


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